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The Three Biggest Challenges of Singapore at 100

Singapore have come a long way and it is still not enough. Singapore will still face big challenges come 100. This is according to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. He was invited by Time Magazine for an interview and it was published on July 23’s issue.

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The Prime Minister identified three biggest challenges when they reach 100. Here are the three biggest challenges:

  • Enhancing the economy: Of all the challenges, this is the immediate challenge. Enhancing the economy means getting the economy to its next levels. The Prime Minister said that getting the economy to its next level is particularly challenging because we are not like the Germans or Japanese.
  • Ageing population: If we do not get the policies about the immigration and birth-rate right, there will be no balance. There will come a day that we will face the same challenges like Japan. The demographics will become a major issue if not considered as early as now.


  • Maintaining national identity: Keeping our national identity amidst diversity and external forces is also a big challenge. We should feel that we are special and different from others. We also need to keep that sense of unity.

The Prime Minister said that celebrating fifty years of Independence is quite a milestone but this is the perfect time for the city-island to reflect. The world has changed and we still need to face many challenges. All will be possible if we are one and we know what to do. It may be hard but the bottom line here is we know we will succeed like how our forefather envisioned us.


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