Oct 20

The Tenets of Good Health

Amidst the busy city life, we tend to forget about our health, which is the most important aspect of our existence. Without a good health, everything we work and study are left for naught. To be an overall healthy person, here are rules to get you started in your healthy lifestyle.


  • Food is Fuel

Food is supposed to be fuel for our bodies. Food doesn’t exist to keep ourselves happy when we’re down. While it’s not wrong to indulge into treats that offer very little nutritional value, you should go for those that both nutritious and delicious.

  • Take a Break

Like our muscles, our minds also need to rest once in a while. That’s why we are statutorily provided with vacation leaves and semester breaks. They exist for us to take vacations and rest our body and mind from all the stress that work and school tend to put on us.


  • Well-Balanced Exercise

Exercising isn’t only to make us look good. You should make sure that your exercise regimen strikes a good balance between cardiovascular health and muscle building. Cardio improves overall heart health and stamina while muscle building makes us better looking.

  • Go Visit a Doctor

Nobody is better equipped to help you with your nutritional and health needs than a medical doctor. You’ll never be able to know the status of your health without regular check-ups. Seeing a professional also helps you set-up your health goals and keep track of them.

  • Sleep Isn’t for the Weak

Sleep is actually for strong people because sleep makes us stronger. Lack of sleep disrupts a person’s metabolism and hormonal regulation. This means that you’ll tend to get less nutrients from food and your body and mind will function less efficiently.


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