Mar 22

The Search for the Best Burger in Singapore

Burgers may be an all-American fast food icon, but that doesn’t mean there are no good burgers served across Singapore. In fact, there are several Singapore-based restaurants and burger joints which will satisfy your burger cravings. Some of them offer their own distinct rendition of your traditional burger – from fried chicken, pulled pork, or even vegan options for patties.

Outstanding burger choices are scattered in the city-state for your convenience, and all you need to know is where to head to for your next food trip session!

This SG-based beer bar may impress you with their exceptional beer selection, but they also offer good burgers to fill up your hungry stomach. The most popular burger choices include the pork burger and the fried chicken burger. Their classic beef burger is also a fan-favorite, which is composed of a homemade beef patty, tomato, bacon, onion tempura, and melted parmigiano-reggiano.

The Chop House
Living up to their name, The Chop House is well-versed in handling meat well. They boast of excellent burger options like the bacon, guacamole, and chicken (BGC) burger and the Black and Blue burger – made of a house special blue cheese dressing. These burgers also come along with complimentary crispy tater tots!

Got a sophisticated palate? Then Dojo is the genie to your desires. Dojo specializes in gourmet pork burgers with cheeky-named choices. Try the Elvisu (bacon with peanut butter and jelly) and the Hadoken (pork patty with Asian chili con carne and cheese). The goods news? All their edible food choices don’t cost more than $15.

Burger Joint
Burger Joint is a NYC burger outlet which recently found its way in SG. The outlet reflects the traditional American burger place – a retro diner and the American fare. The simplicity of the burgers easily shows off the quality of the ingredients. From the first bite, you will find simple joys in the amazing burst of flavors from the fresh lettuce, melty cheese, and the all-beef patty.

Here’s one for the vegans! If you’re craving burger but not the guilt that comes after it, head to VeganBurg ASAP. They promote healthy eating through selling fast food which is purely composed of a solid plant-based diet. They have options such as the Smoky BBQ (minced mushroom patty) and Cracked Mayo (an egg-free mayonnaise burger with a savory soy patty).

Up for a challenge? Finish Roadhouse’s Terminator Challenge (six wagyu patties with bacon pieces, cheese, chili, and jalapenos) within 20 minutes and you won’t have to pay a single dollar! Besides that, you will become a part of the hall of fame as well. Sweet! This is perfect for competitive eaters and adventurous food lovers.

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