Feb 20

The 4 Best Doggy Hotels in Singapore

Dogs can be man’s best friend, but sometimes you have to leave them alone for a trip. If you can’t find a pet sitter in time, though, you could always leave them in one of the many pet hotels here in Singapore. From the classy space of the Wagington to the wide, open space of Doggie Retreat, you are bound to find the perfect place for your furry friend.

1. The Wagington
The Wagington is a pet hotel that does not hold back on style. Pamper your pet with this hotel’s 5-star service, complete with indoor playgrounds and outdoor gardens. They even offer a Royal Suite for particularly kingly pups. It comes complete with a queen-sized bed, a 32-inch led TV, a gourmet selection of dog chow like pork chop and risotto, and is topped off with a beautiful chandelier. The Wagington also accepts feline guests, where they can live like royalty in their suites and a special cat-dedicated menu.

2. Wanderloge Pet Hotel and Suites
You could assure that your pet is taken the best care here in Wanderloge, a home-based pet boarding service. Here your dog will be housed in an air-conditioned environment, making sure that your pups are comfortable and safe. They also have an on-call vet who is available for 24-hours, to make sure that all medical problems that arise will be taken care of as quickly as possible. Wanderloge also provides its services for cats, and you can rest assured that your feline friend can stay safe in a friendly environment as you go about your trip.

3. Sunny Heights
Sunny Heights is different from other doggy daycares as it puts a huge importance on your dog’s social skills. At Sunny Heights, your dog will never be lonely. This doggy daycare has a lot of events and activities that can provide your dog with a lot of opportunities to mix and mingle with other dogs. Sunny Heights even comes complete with its own doggy pool, so that your dogs can do the doggy paddle with others of their own kind.

4. Doggie Retreat
Unlike other dog hotels, Doggie Retreat makes sure that your dog has a lot of space to run wild and free, providing a large compound for your dog to run around in along with other dogs. This makes sure that your pet is not bored of staying in a kennel all day. As a plus, your dog will also stay healthy and strong, as the large space and clean air can provide your dog with much-needed exercise and time in nature. They even have daily outings to various parks and beaches in Singapore, to make sure that your dog gets the best care in the world.

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