Sep 13

Stages an Entrepreneur Needs to Go Through

Forget the eight to twelve hours duty every day. Why not become an entrepreneur and have our own time? This is ideal of course but being an entrepreneur is not for all Singaporeans. We might have heard of successful stories of some Singaporeans but we do not have the guts to give it a try.


Being in the safe zone is better than risking our whole life, career and properties. However, there are others who fearlessly give up everything and decide to become an entrepreneur. For those who are at the crossroads, it takes a giant leap to get to where we want to.

We should know the stages so we will know when we get there. Here are the stages that every entrepreneur must go through:

  • Stage 1: We were building a career but there was a feeling of unfulfilment – dragging ourselves to work every single day is one classical sign. We know that that career was making us unhappy but we did not do anything about it. One day, we found ourselves burned out.
  • Stage 2: We are burned out, what is our alternative? Look for the same job but with a different employer or build the business we planned for a long time? We should pick the latter but because of the uncertain future, we fear of even starting it.


  • Stage 3: We come up with million reasons not to do it. There is a part of us saying that we can do this but a bigger part says that we should avoid it. So, we think of million reasons or excuses not to do it and saying to ourselves, everything is a bad idea.
  • Stage 4: When we know deep inside that things need to change, we have to say no. No to another offer or position. We will realize at the end of the day that these no will simply become an opportunity.
  • Stage 5: Figuring it out is difficult but if we have someone to help us, things will be easier and it will make a lot of sense.
  • Stage 6: It is time that we take the plunge or the leap. Whether we believe in the universe conspiring to make our dream come true or our hard work, the important thing here is freedom. We now have the freedom to do the things that make us happy and that is enough to attract opportunity.

The point here is never to get stuck to a job that makes us unhappy. Here’s to the future!


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