Jun 20

Singapore: The Jam-Packed City of Adventure and Fun

There’s Paris, Hawaii, and Hong Kong –then there’s Singapore! No doubt, Singapore has been one of the world’s top destinations –all thanks to the city’s blooming tourism industry. Equipped with the finest deals and impressive accommodations, Singapore City is sure to cater to your every need, from a satisfying meal to the finest drinks –experience a taste of oriental cuisine with your all-time favorite cocktails or simply a mug of beer!


The city is buzzing with many attractions, one cannot help but to imagine how’s this even possible! –there’s the Singapore Universal Studio theme park along Sentosa Gateway, the region’s first ever movie theme park; the iconic Esplanade Theatres that’s designed to appear as a Durian fruit although some say it looks like a dumpling, this one-of-a-kind architectural masterpiece also hosts the world’s best performances and theatrics.

Singapore has become the Region’s pillar of development and world-class hospitality –this city’s literally in the serious business of making your stay a great and pleasurable one! Don’t worry about money, there are actually many impressive deals, offers, and packages that can enable you to run on a small budget!

To list some of Singapore’s great tourist spots –here’s Straits records for the first spot! Located at North Bridge Road, this compact record store will take any music lover and audiophile to their own non-mainstream paradise! This store showcases indie performances, cool shirts, and all of your dream mix tapes labels, it’s sure to be a radical experience!


For the partygoers, there’s St James Power Station at Sentosa Gateway! This spectacular place is jam-packed with nine uniquely themed clubs each hosting its own dance party. That’s not all! A single admission means you get to enjoy all nine clubs.

Here’s to those who simply love shopping! The Orchard Road is bursting with malls that are even connected by underground tunnels and a train line –one’s sure to have a unique experience of shopping, a promo on one hand and yet a bargain at the other!


There’s so much stuff in Singapore that even Chuck Norris couldn’t do them in a single day. Enough said, Singapore’s the place for you!

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