Oct 13

Reducing Garbage at Home

Singapore is now populous than ever. It has benefits, it has its drawbacks. For now, let us focus on one drawback – garbage. The government is well aware that with the growing population, the garbage or waste is also growing. The government is afraid that if not tackled, there will come a day that garbage or wastes will take the most part of Singapore.


With this, the government appointed National Environment Agency (NEA) to review the country’s current processes when it comes to handling, sorting and treating of garbage or wastes. NEA will also study other processes that can improve the current processes of garbage or wastes. NEA envisions a sustainable waste management system by 2050. For a start, NEA is currently reviewing the submissions of eight firms to develop a technology that will tackle the rubbish.

In the meantime, as a concerned citizen, how can you help the country reduce garbage or wastes? It will start in your home. If you change your lifestyle, you will surely contribute to a cleaner, safer and healthier Singapore. Here are some ideas on reducing your garbage at home:

Going Green by Recycling

  • Reduce excess paper: Everyday, you never fail to throw papers. What can you do to lessen the papers you throw? If you are receiving any magazines or newspapers every day, you can call the mailer to stop it. You can still have magazines and newspapers through the internet.
  • Reduce packaging: Packaging make up most of the garbage. The best thing that you can do is choose products with lesser packaging. If you buy products with more packaging, you are actually paying more. If you want to save and help the environment at the same time, choose products with lesser packaging.
  • Throw mercury: Mercury poses a threat not only to the environment but to everyone around. Mercury can be found in household items like batteries, neon lamps, thermometers and many more. When you purchase these items, make sure it does not contain mercury. If it contains mercury, dispose it immediately.
  • Prevent wasting food: You have to buy the food that you exactly need. Do not buy too much because it will lead to wastages. If you really want to help lessen the garbage, you can at least compost organics instead of throwing it.

These are just some things that you can consider. If you have better ideas or additional ideas, feel free to apply it. You have to be conscious whenever you throw a thing. You should share this knowledge to your friends and family. Lessening the garbage is not a one man show, it should be consensus effort.


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