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Places to Visit in Your Next Singapore Visit

Singapore is indisputably one of the most developed and promising countries in Asia. With millions of tourists flocking to see the grandeur it offers, maximizing the whole Singapore experience is always on a traveler’s bucket list. Knowing the best spots to visit in the country will thus come in handy if ever you plan to include it in your future travels.

1. The Cloud Forest
The Singaporean government focuses on making the island as green as possible with initiatives of building many nature parks in the busy hustle of the City. With that in mind, you may venture into a literal concrete jungle in your Singapore visit.
The Cloud Forest offers a whole new nature-friendly experience for visitors who want to take a break from heavy smoke and traffic in the streets. With planted walls, a 35 meter hill covered in lush vegetation, and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, it is definitely unique and one of its kind.

2. Singapore Flyer
Claimed to be the largest Ferris wheel in Asia, Singapore Flyer offers tourists an observation wheel where they can get a panoramic view of all the city. Tall buildings and landmarks make up a breathtaking bird’s eye view. Some even attest you may see as far as neighboring countries Malaysia and Indonesia on a good weather day.
A full circle trip takes about half an hour. Visitors who want to go solo or share the experience with only a number of people may choose to upgrade to a private capsule.

3. Haw Par Villa
If there is a word that could describe Haw Par Villa it would be: strange. It is considered to be one of the weird theme parks in the world with more than a thousand statues depicting various scenes from Chinese folklore. Some of them include demons pitchforking sinners in hell, an old woman being breastfed, and so on.
You may also read up on some information regarding the bizarre statues. And the best part? It has free admission. Including it on your itinerary would be something fun and surprising.

4. Chinatown
Chinatown is a popular place which will offer you a story of Singapore’s heritage. As a country with general Chinese descent, you should not be any surprised to see Chinese influence everywhere you go on your Singapore visit.
Travelers may also find surrounding wood carving shops and tea houses. There is also a walking tour every Tuesday for a better Chinatown experience.

5. Bugis Night Market
If you are on a budget, there is still a chance for you to do some shopping. Stalls and shops in Bugis Night Market offer cheap buys for your thrift shopping. You may find clothes, shoes, all sorts of accessories that are perfect for you or for souvenirs.
The prices may still be subject to bargaining so better bring your best negotiating skills with you when you visit the place.

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