Oct 23

Pet-Ownership is More than Just Responsibility

Amidst the existing responsibilities we already have in our busy lives, why would we even consider adding one by taking care of a pet? Well, owning a pet isn’t only about responsibility. When you look at the greater picture, having a pet is actually beneficial. In fact, the main advantage of having a pet is that it brings us the simple joy of being loved unconditionally.  All the rest of the reasons are just secondary.


  • Pets provide us companionship. With a loving pet that treats us like we’re the most special person in the world, it’s pretty impossible to feel lonely. Also, caring for a pet helps alleviate feelings of depression and it can even distract us from our own problems as we focus our time taking care of a pet.
  • Having a pet encourages us to exercise and stay active, especially with dogs as we take them for a simple walk or with cats as we engage with them in playful activities.
  • Playing with a pet also elevates our happy hormones, dopamine and serotonin, which relaxes us and reduces our stress levels, especially after those long hours at work.


  • These exercises and a sense of companionship and being loved and stress reduction all adds up to a good heart health.
  • Children can also benefit from owning a pet because it teaches them the value of responsibility. Plus, kids who grew up being exposed to pets developed a stronger immune system and had lesser allergies compared to those without pets.

So, given all these advantages, perhaps it’s worth a try to own a pet. And instead of buying a new pet, why not try adopting one at an animal rescue centre such as the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Singapore? This responsible society is genuinely passionate about looking after the welfare of every animal in our country and it would be such a joy to them if you’d reach out and adopt one of their rescued animals. And they promise to help you find the pet that best matches you. To connect with them, please visit their website.


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