Sep 23

5 Tips to Increase Your Motivation to Lose Weight

Starting the path to weight loss is actually easy since your motivation to lose weight is high and you’re pretty much determined that, this time, you’re going to reach your weight goal. But then, you start sliding back to your old habits and your weight loss motivation starts to drop. Still, there’s no need to feel down. We’ve got you completely covered. Here, we’ve rounded up five tips on how you can increase your weight loss motivation and reach the weight goal you’ve always wanted.


1.       Create a Visual Goal. One good way to help you boost your weight loss motivation is by creating a visual goal. Create a collage of pictures that perfectly represent your weight loss goals and place it somewhere you can easily it. Remember that more often you see your goal, the more you desire to achieve it. With this, your motivation will be unbreakable and your drive to lose weight will be unstoppable.

2.       Celebrate the Process of Losing Weight. One of the major reasons why your motivation slacks after a week of performing your weight loss regimen is because you fail to recognize the little achievements that you made along the way. Stop doing this now. Instead, make it a habit to honour yourself for every achievement you’ve made, no matter how small or big that change is. Doing so will instantly increase your motivation and renew your energy to achieve more accomplishments along the way.

3.       Lose the Weighing Scale. Almost all of us have an emotional relationship with our weighing scale because instead of using it to only measure our weight, we use it to also measure our self-worth. Some of the good alternatives to measure your fat loss is by doing a caliper test or taking measurements at various points in your body (like your biceps, chest, hips, thighs and waist) and monitor these points monthly. Both options will give you a more accurate result while keeping you off the motivational roller coaster ride that most weighing scales create.


4.       Surround Yourself With Inspirational Media. Whether you listen to motivational podcasts or curl up with an uplifting book, surrounding yourself with enriching thoughts is another way to boost your motivation and help you achieve your goal. In fact, it doesn’t have to be just about weight loss, it can actually be anything that motivates you and makes you want to reach new levels. So do yourself a favour, and keep these things around you to ensure that your inner spark keeps on burning.

5.       Come Up With a ‘Why’ List. Another way to boost your motivation is to list down the reasons why you want to lose weight. So if you want to motivate yourself throughout the entire process, you have to fully understand your reasons. The more knowledgeable you are with your reasons to reach your goal, the better. So keep this list with you at all times to help you increase your motivation when you can’t seem to motivate yourself.

Keep the following tips in mind so that you can stay enthusiastic during the entire process. Not only will these tips increase your motivation, it’ll also help in decreasing your weight. Definitely the trade-off that you want to get.


   Sep 22

Tips for Choosing the Right Surgeon for an Aesthetic Treatment

It is a human nature to desire to be beautiful. In most cases, an attractive appearance corresponds to a positive self-esteem. It makes people feel good about themselves and they become more favored by others. This is the reason why aesthetic clinics have become popular in Singapore and all over the world.


However, the journey to becoming the best versions of ourselves must be taken with great care. Our safety should not be compromised solely for the purpose of looking better. Therefore, if you are thinking about taking any surgical aesthetic treatment, it’s very important that you choose the right surgeon. The following are the important points to remember when looking for a professional aesthetic clinic expert.

Expertise and Experience

When choosing a surgeon or an aesthetic clinic where you’ll have your procedure in, look for one with a reputation for delivering quality results. Check the background and evaluate the qualifications of your options. You can mostly find them in their respective websites and find out new information like Astique provides painless coolsculpting in Singapore if you are considering to reduce your fat, but you can also get crucial information from directory or review websites. Take special note of their “before and after” photographs to judge the success of their treatments.


It’s also necessary to know whether an aesthetic surgeon is licensed by the Ministry of Health (MOH). Whether he or she works in a renowned aesthetic clinic Singapore or operates in private and using only other hospital’s operating room, knowing that their facility has been accredited by relevant governing bodies in Singapore guarantees that they work with certain standards. Any reputable surgeon should be capable and ready to assure you with the precautions they have taken in their practice.

Assistant Check

In addition to knowing your primary surgeon, also try to check up on your surgeon’s assistants who will be present on your surgical treatment. In some procedures, especially those that involve surgery, professionals work in teams to ensure that the operation runs smoothly. A surgeon’s support team typically includes an anaesthetist, a staff of nurses, and a manned recovery room along with technicians.


Tested Methods

There are always technological advancements and new procedures coming out in the market, which, in most cases, carries more risks than advantages. Do not undergo any treatment method that is still in its trial stages, especially if you only need the procedure for a minor correction. If you opt to take a treatment that is relatively new, still check that it has been thoroughly tested and that you are fully aware of its possible complications. Choose a proven option with set results over new ones with just promises.

Customer Service

Throughout the process of beautifying yourself, make sure that you’re treated and served well. Some of those signs are obvious a few minutes after you have walked into a surgeon’s office. Notice how staffs treat you the moment you enter the office. Are they helpful and friendly? Do they address your needs right away? Do they clearly explain clearly the realities of the surgery and the recovery? If you can answer these questions positively, then that’s a good sign that you’re in good hands.

Aesthetic Sensibility

We all have different perspective of beauty—what one person finds beautiful may be unappealing to another. This is why it’s important to find a cosmetic surgeon that has aesthetic sensibility same as yours or at least you can relate to. For this, you can’t just rely to a friend’s recommendation or depend solely on the surgeon’s experience. Examine carefully photos of results for each surgeon you come across with.

Choosing the right aesthetic surgeon for your plastic surgery is dependent on various factors. Apart from living with possibly lifetime regrets, not working with a reputable and professional doctor might end up incurring more expenses or worse further complications from the procedure. To make sure you’re getting the best and the safest services, do research and keep these important tips in mind.

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   Sep 13

Stages an Entrepreneur Needs to Go Through

Forget the eight to twelve hours duty every day. Why not become an entrepreneur and have our own time? This is ideal of course but being an entrepreneur is not for all Singaporeans. We might have heard of successful stories of some Singaporeans but we do not have the guts to give it a try.


Being in the safe zone is better than risking our whole life, career and properties. However, there are others who fearlessly give up everything and decide to become an entrepreneur. For those who are at the crossroads, it takes a giant leap to get to where we want to.

We should know the stages so we will know when we get there. Here are the stages that every entrepreneur must go through:

  • Stage 1: We were building a career but there was a feeling of unfulfilment – dragging ourselves to work every single day is one classical sign. We know that that career was making us unhappy but we did not do anything about it. One day, we found ourselves burned out.
  • Stage 2: We are burned out, what is our alternative? Look for the same job but with a different employer or build the business we planned for a long time? We should pick the latter but because of the uncertain future, we fear of even starting it.


  • Stage 3: We come up with million reasons not to do it. There is a part of us saying that we can do this but a bigger part says that we should avoid it. So, we think of million reasons or excuses not to do it and saying to ourselves, everything is a bad idea.
  • Stage 4: When we know deep inside that things need to change, we have to say no. No to another offer or position. We will realize at the end of the day that these no will simply become an opportunity.
  • Stage 5: Figuring it out is difficult but if we have someone to help us, things will be easier and it will make a lot of sense.
  • Stage 6: It is time that we take the plunge or the leap. Whether we believe in the universe conspiring to make our dream come true or our hard work, the important thing here is freedom. We now have the freedom to do the things that make us happy and that is enough to attract opportunity.

The point here is never to get stuck to a job that makes us unhappy. Here’s to the future!


   Sep 11

How to Encourage Kids to do More Reading

It is not easy to be a parent but when we get the hang of it, things will eventually make sense. As a parent, the hardest part is teaching our kids to read and instil that reading can make a difference at the end of the day. We have to think of different strategies and sometimes, it is getting tedious and hopeless.


We should never lose hope. Encouraging our kids to do more reading is possible if we are determined. Our kids might lose interest in reading or leaning in general but we should not. So, in line with that, we have to encourage them to do more reading. Here are some tips:

  • Read me a story: We have to make reading a habit by conducting  “read me a story” time. Whether we are snuggled under the covers or sitting at the couch, we have to make sure that stories are interesting. This is our way of enticing them so they will look forward to more stories and evenings.
  • Beyond books: Books are traditional but it doesn’t mean that we have to stop using it. If our kids do not like the thought of hardbound books, we have to think of other things. There are other things that we can consider beyond books. For example, we can consider comic books, magazines, ebooks and the like. Learning transcends into different forms, we have to keep that in mind.

Father and Son Reading Together

  • Keep it fun: Though we are not their classroom teachers, we have to think of things to keep them interested as though we are making their lesson plans. When we are reading, we have to keep them involve by thinking of mini activities. At the end of the story, we have to synthesize it so they will understand especially life lessons.
  • Allot time: In connection with the first tip about “read me a story”, it is important that we allot time to do it. We should not randomly do. We have to set a time so our kids will look forward to that moment. We should not squeeze it in between dance and soccer lessons; it should have its own time and slot. This is to instil to our kids that reading is an important activity that needs time and full attention.

Reading is still important here in Singapore amidst technological advances. We have to continue feeding the mind and enriching the imagination. It does not end there because in reading, we are also inspiring the spirit.

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   Sep 05

Personal Values of Singaporeans

On July 23, 2015, the Institute of Policy Studies unveiled the recent findings of the personal values of Singaporeans. The survey was done from March to June of this year with 2,000 people. It was conducted by aAdvantage and Barrett Values Center.


Here are the top ten personal values in the eyes of our people:

  • Family: In the first survey done in 2012, family was number one on the list. Today, it is still the number one. This means that we value the family more than anything else in the world.
  • Responsibility: In 2012 survey, responsibility is number seven and this year, it jumped five notches and becomes number two.
  • Friendship: Friendship was second in 2012 but now it fell one place making it number three.


  • Happiness: In 2012, happiness is number four and it is still number four now. Happiness is consistent and that is a good thing.
  • Health: In 2012 survey, health is number three but this year, it fell to number five.
  • Caring: Caring was number five in the previous survey but now it is number six.
  • Honesty: Honesty was number six in 2012 survey but it is now at number seven.
  • Compassion: In 2012, compassion did not make it to the top ten but this time, Singaporeans are less self-centred placing the value at number eight.
  • Positive Attitude: Positive attitude is another newcomer. This simply means that we look to the future positively no matter the circumstances. Positive value is at number nine.
  • Respect: Respect made it to the top ten. In the previous survey, respect is at number 9.

These values make Singapore what it is today.


   Sep 02

The Three Biggest Challenges of Singapore at 100

Singapore have come a long way and it is still not enough. Singapore will still face big challenges come 100. This is according to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. He was invited by Time Magazine for an interview and it was published on July 23’s issue.

Singapore-50th-anniversary (1)

The Prime Minister identified three biggest challenges when they reach 100. Here are the three biggest challenges:

  • Enhancing the economy: Of all the challenges, this is the immediate challenge. Enhancing the economy means getting the economy to its next levels. The Prime Minister said that getting the economy to its next level is particularly challenging because we are not like the Germans or Japanese.
  • Ageing population: If we do not get the policies about the immigration and birth-rate right, there will be no balance. There will come a day that we will face the same challenges like Japan. The demographics will become a major issue if not considered as early as now.


  • Maintaining national identity: Keeping our national identity amidst diversity and external forces is also a big challenge. We should feel that we are special and different from others. We also need to keep that sense of unity.

The Prime Minister said that celebrating fifty years of Independence is quite a milestone but this is the perfect time for the city-island to reflect. The world has changed and we still need to face many challenges. All will be possible if we are one and we know what to do. It may be hard but the bottom line here is we know we will succeed like how our forefather envisioned us.


   Aug 22

5 Great Online Exercise Classes to Take at Home

Not everybody is motivated to consistently workout by themselves, and this is why fitness classes are so popular. But what if you don’t have the luxury of time to attend a fitness class, or even hit the gym? Sure, viewing a fitness DVD at home can help, but it’ll definitely get boring after watching it several times. Luckily, you can still get the exercise that you need even at the comforts of your home by using these six online exercise sites.


1.       Fitocracy. Fitocracy is among the online exercise sites that turns fitness management into a social game, complete with motivation from other people, achievements to unlock and points to earn to help you in level up while getting in shape. What’s more amazing about this site is that it has an easy-to-use interface and lots of health tracking tools that you can use to ensure that you stay on track even after reaching your fitness goals.

2.       MyFitnessPal. Unlike other fitness sites, MyFitnessPal is a large community of fitness buffs eager and ready to help one another with their fitness, diet and overall health goals. It features a series of tools that’ll help users in logging their meals and workout routines, tracking their diet, and sharing their challenges and experiences in the community. It even has a mobile app to help you keep your meal logs on-the-go and ensure that you stay motivated.

3.       RunKeeper. Been into running exercises lately? Then RunKeeper is the perfect site for you. The site works by helping you monitor your run, review your speed and distance progress and tailor workout routines that will give you the best results over time. Although it doesn’t have a food or diet tracking option, it does help avid runners and exercises to keep track of their activities and even look back over their past performances.


4.       DailyBurn. DailyBurn is a web and iPhone app that offer options like meal and exercise tracking, calorie counting, and customizable workout plans. Its web app lets you track your performance and monitor your progress, while the iPhone app allows you to update your account, scan certain foods, add meals to your diet log, and keep an eye on your workout schedule while being on-the-go. Aside from that, DailyBurn also has a community of user willing to help each other, either by giving tips and advices, or competing on fitness challenges.

5.       Grokker. Looking for a site that focuses on yoga? The Grokker is the site to use. With this site, you’ll be able to record yoga videos in your profile and create a playlist of the videos that you like the most. Plus, you can also follow some fitness experts to receive a notification every time they post a new video.

Exercising in the gym isn’t ideal for most of us, but with the help of these fitness sites, it’s now possible even for the busiest person to perform their workout routine and stay fit in the comforts of their home.



   Aug 20

Best Natural Remedies for Sore Throat

It’s that time of the year again where minor ailments like coughs, stuffed nose and sore throats strike. Most of the time, these ailments leave us feeling inconvenient and less than our best, but they aren’t serious reasons enough to justify snuggling under the covers and taking a leave at work. Taking cough syrup, or over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs, surely is the best way to soothe your colds, but if you’re open to try out some natural remedies first, then here are some of the good choices worth giving a shot.


1.       Liquorice Root. Even if you’re sore throat is just a minor ailment, it can still be painful enough to interfere with your good night’s sleep. Luckily, you can use liquorice root to soothe the pain and irritation you’re currently feeling. This natural remedy has long been used to cure sore throats, or any of its symptoms. All you’ve got to do is mix it with water to create a solution and gargle it to treat your sore throat.

2.       Honey. Either mixed with tea or taken up straight, honey has long been hailed as an effective home remedy for sore throat. In fact, a study even found that honey was more effective in taming night-time coughs than any cough suppressants. Certainly one of the simplest and sweetest way to treat your sore throat.


3.       Salt Water. This is perhaps the natural remedy that our mother always recommends. But guess what? Your mom is actually right at suggesting this treatment for you. Gargling warm salt water actually aids in killing bacteria in the throat, and in soothing its painful sensation. To create your own salt water solution, simply mix half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and use it as a temporary substitute for your usual gargle solution.

4.       Peppermint. Want to have fresh breath and comfortable throat at the same time? Then consider using peppermint oil to relieve your sore throat. Peppermint contains menthol that helps in thinning the mucus and calming any form of cough. Other than that, peppermint also contains antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that encourages sore throat healing. A cool and simple way to treat your sore throat problem.

Aside from using any of these natural remedies, treating a sore throat also requires for you to drink lots of fluids and get a good rest. By doing all of this, you’ll be able to get better quickly and save yourself a trip to the doctor’s office.


   Jul 17

Household Items That Will Treat Your Acne

Running out of your trusty treatment can be as bad as having PMS without any sweets to soothe your mood swings, especially if you’re constantly dealing with acne problems. When in a pinch though, you’ll be able to find several items on your cupboard that can help you deal with your acne problems naturally. To help you scavenge your kitchen for acne remedies, here are six of the best items you can use for terrible breakouts.


1.       Aspirin. Other than treating headaches, this miracle medicine can also work wonders in getting rid of acne. Just crush one aspirin in a small bowl with very little water—enough to create a paste. Gently apply it on the affected area and leave it there for a no more than five minutes. Don’t forget to use slather the area with moisturizer after rinsing as the paste can be pretty drying to the skin.

2.       Honey. Not only is honey a powerful superfood, it also is an excellent acne treatment alternative. Being rich with phytonutrients, antioxidants, and live enzymes, a small dab of this is already enough to reduce redness, relieve blemishes, and soften the skin.

3.       Lemon Juice. Lemons are known to be rich in vitamin C and this is what allows them to act as an astringent and anti-inflammatory treatment that effectively eases swelling and eradicates growth of bacteria on the skin. Just squeeze some fresh lemon on a cotton swab and gently dab it onto your blemishes.


4.       Garlic. It doesn’t just fight off vampires (or so they say), it also get rids of those pesky pimples. All you have to do is rub the garlic juice on the areas that need treatment, and then do your regular face wash regimen. Be careful, though, not to get any juice on your eyes.

5.       Ice. If you’re looking for some quick but temporary acne treatment, then this item is for you. Simply wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and lightly press it against the inflamed area or your pimple. Do this until the redness or swelling subsides, or until the ice has completely melted.

Running out of acne treatment during a severe breakout might be the worst thing that can happen to you, especially on a very important day. However, with these handy household items, you can beat that zit even without your trusty acne-fighting staples.


   Jul 15

Bust the Bogus Beauty

5 Tricks in Spotting Counterfeit Beauty Products
While there are some relatively good finds and deals on some online sites, there’s no denying that counterfeit or fake goods are also prevalent in such sites. The same is also true with beauty products. With a vast and crowded digital market, you can no longer guarantee the integrity of the product you’re buying. So keep yourself protected by following these tricks in spotting those bogus beauty finds.


1.       Check on the Product’s Price. A good way to avoid being a victim of such products is to steer clear from beauty products that are sold for just a fraction of its original price. Also, if the site is declaring that there’s an abundance in stock, then it’s a positive sign that they might be selling counterfeit products.

2.       Watch Out for Web Glitches. Experiencing some trouble logging in on the retail website is another warning sign that you may dealing with a scam site. Try logging out and back again if your first try won’t work to ensure that the site isn’t being hacked. Also, ensure that the website address of the online shop you’re dealing with starts with ‘https’ to ensure that you’re going through a secured payment process.

3.       Review the Product’s Return Policy. One good sign that you’re dealing with a fraudulent seller is the absence the return policy of his/her products. This kind of seller won’t give you a chance to return the item once you’ve purchased it. Ensure that the online seller you’re dealing with has a return policy so that you can get refunded when you see or experience some problems with the product.


4.       Look for the Expiration Date. Another way to avoid falling victim to these scams is to check on the product’s expiration date. Products sold in bulk at convenience stores are often left sitting on a truck until they expire, then they’ll be sold at a discounted rate. Another trick is to check on the batch code. If you can’t seem to find the product’s batch code, then don’t hesitate to withdraw your transaction with the seller.

5.       Double Check on the Brand’s Official Site. This would be a smart move, especially that you’re buying a product online. Most brands have retail information available on their site and this will help you ensure that the products sold at a particular retail outlet has been authorized by the brand.

Blindly ordering beauty products online is what will cause you to fall for such online scams. Practise these tricks, be a proactive shopper and you won’t question the quality of your beauty products ever again.