Dec 05

Outsourcing IT Services: Reasons, Risks, Rewards

Company owners have now the choice whether to hire full time or outsource employees. But outsourcing seems to have the most obvious benefits according to Singapore experts from numerous Singapore-based industries.  This could be the answer to reducing costs from different business divisions, especially from the IT department where hiring professionals could get quite costly.

If you’re still unsure whether to hire full time or outsource, here are a few reasons, risks and rewards you can get from outsourcing IT services provider.



Companies outsource IT services provider to control and reduce operating costs. Outsourcing eliminates the expenditures associated with a full time employee, like training allowance, management oversight, employment taxes, health insurance, retirement plans, and many more. The budget which could be intended in hiring a full time employee can be allocated elsewhere if you choose to outsource.

Another major reason is to gain access to excellent professional capabilities. Outsourcing IT services provider that specializes in the areas you need is more practical than hiring a single person to do all the company’s IT tasks. Instead of relying to the knowledge of a single person, you can take advantage from the shared knowledge of a group of IT services Singapore professionals. IT services companies require their staffs to undergo proper production training and accreditations as well.


Your control over the outsourced employee may not be as effective as what you have with your full-time employees. The outsourced IT services consultant is from another management, thus, he would be taking orders from his company’s management. Another risk you should keep in mind when outsourcing employees is the possibility that you might get “locked in.” Some outsourcing companies of IT services from Singapore require you to sign a contract which states that you would be their client for a specific span of time when you buy proprietary software.

Also, be mindful that you may affect your employees’ morale. This could be possible if you’ll be laying-off some of your long-time employees to replace them with an outsourced company. Other staffs may doubt their capabilities and wonder if their position is at risk, too.



Outsourcing IT employees will let your company experience the latest and greatest in the world of technology. If you’ve noticed, software and hardware are rapidly updating and changing in today’s era. Do you think one staff can handle and keep everything up-to-date? Outsourcing will let you enjoy the rewards of having multiple IT professionals with multiple excellent skills.

Another benefit you can get from outsourcing is the cost savings. Outsourcing IT services gives you financial benefits like leasing options for software and hardware, software licenses, and bulk purchasing, as well as possible compliance of government regulations.

Also, you’re assured that you hired high quality staffs. Since outsourced IT companies’ job is to provide excellent IT services, they only hire staffs with highly exceptional skills and IT certifications. When you work with an outsourced IT company, you don’t have to worry whether you’ve hired the right staff for the job.

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