Jun 10

Off-Site BBQ Catering Tips

People in Singapore love to eat. In fact, the country is known for its hawker centres. These are open-air food centres where Singaporeans and tourists feast over the many food stalls that offer a wide variety of inexpensive foods, including bbq food. One example is satay, which consists of marinated meat strips that are grilled and served with spicy sauce.


Catering as a Business
Since people in Singapore fancy barbecue, bbq wholesale and bbq catering can be considered as a good business venture. First, you don’t actually need a huge amount of money to put up your own barbecue business. Secondly, it is easy to learn. And thirdly, it will surely be a boom since everybody loves barbecue such as spring ocean bbq wholesale in Singapore that is popular amongst many people. In fact, aside from bbq wholesale, you can also offer catering services to weddings, birthday bashes, and company parties for more earnings.

Transport Vehicle for Catering
If you’re planning to venture into bbq wholesale or Singapore bbq catering, you also need to observe important things just like in other types of food catering. Especially when catering in a location that is away from your site, you will need a vehicle to transport foodstuff. For this, it is advisable that you buy or rent a vehicle that is specially built and designed for off-site catering operation when ordering spring ocean bbq. An ideal transport vehicle for off-site Singapore catering includes special features such as coolers and freezers for extra refrigeration, customized shelving for additional storage space, ovens, cold plates, and windows or awnings.

Food Transport Equipment
Choosing the right food transport equipment is also necessary to ensure that the quality of bbq food is maintained.


Drop-Off Catering
There are instances when you will only have to deliver the food and go—simple. For this, disposable bbq food supplies are essential as you can leave these items behind. Examples of which include disposable food pans, lunch boxes, catering trays, and beverage dispensers.
This type of catering service is advantageous on your part since you don’t have to set things up before the party then clean everything afterwards which can really be an exhausting task.

In some cases, you will be paid for full-service spring ocean bbq catering in Singapore and that includes providing the food, setting and cleaning up. For buffets, it is essential that you have reusable food supplies as they are less expensive and have lesser wastes. Examples of reusable food supplies include food pans, food carriers, catering trays, beverage carriers, and air pots.

Catering Checklist
Last few reminders: make a checklist before going on an off-site bbq catering service. As a reminder, this list should include everything that you need for the Singapore catering. This is to ensure that you won’t be leaving any important thing behind. And as you go back from the location, you should also use the same list as your guide to see to it that everything is intact.

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