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How to Successfully Administer the Cry It Out Method

Cry It Out Method is also called CIO. It was first presented by a paediatrician – Richard Ferber. It was not known as CIO then. Many people called it “Ferberizing”. CIO is actually a sleep training that involves babies. Many parents here in Singapore and paediatricians encourage this method or training. The goal here is not crying but to teach the babies to self-soothe.


This method assumes that if you give the baby the opportunity to sleep on his/her own, he/she can eventually master it without your help. Say he/she woke up at night and cried. If he/she is used to nursing or rocking whenever he/she wakes at night, he/she can’t sleep back without you. That is encouraging dependency. You have to let him/her cry it out and then eventually sleep. Do not worry because it is safe.

If you want to give this method a try, you have to discuss it first with your paediatrician. After that, you have to ensure that your baby is emotionally or physically ready to sleep. What is good about this method is that there is no precise age you need to start but a safe one will be between four to six months. Here’s how you successful administer it:

Step 1

Put the baby in his/her crib. Make sure that he is still awake but kind of sleepy.

Step 2


Say good night and leave the room immediately. He/she will cry but you have to let him/her cry it out for a specified amount of time (first night is three minutes, second night for five to ten minutes and so on).

Step 3

After the specified amount of time, go back to the room and reassure the baby through patting. After he/she is calm, leave again. Do not go back even if he/she is crying.

Step 4

Gradually increase the interval time every day and you will see the difference. The routine should be strictly followed if you want a consistent result. When he/she wakes up in the middle of the night, do the same thing but never nurse, rock or pick him/her. There will come a night that he/she will no longer cry when you leave the room.

If you notice resistance, you have to be patient and start again after few weeks. Remember this is training. This means you have to be patient and the results will be long but worth it. You have to be consistent too. This means sticking to the routine no matter what happens.


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