May 13

How to Enjoy Your Singapore Trip Even on Budget

Singapore is known as a modern, and insanely expensive state – especially next to its Southeast Asian counterparts. Still, with mouth-watering street foods, impeccably safe streets, and a location that makes it a perfect stopover hub, there’s absolutely no reason to give this city-state a miss – even for those who are travelling on budget. Here, we’ve listed some ways on how you can make the most out of your Singapore trip without running out of cash.


1.       Get an EZ-Link Card

An EZ-link card is a type of stored value card meant for public transit use. Getting this card during your trip will eliminate the tiresome process of digging for enough change, and calculating how much each bus or train tickets cost. More importantly, an EZ-link card offers better rates than cash payments. With this card, you’ll save yourself the hassle of figuring out transportation costs – and you’ll get a souvenir that represents your trip in Singapore.

2.       Indulge in Hawker Food

When deciding whether to dine in a hawker centre or a coffee shop, go where the locals go. The eateries along Chinatown’s shopping alley may seem authentic, but you’ll be surprised at how few locals actually dine there. Instead, head to dining places where locals gather, such as the Maxwell Food Centre and Chinatown Food Centre. A hearty meal in a hawker centre won’t cause you more than S$10.

3.       Visit During Festive Holidays

As a budget traveller, the best time for you to visit Singapore is during festive public holidays, as there are so much to eat, hear, and see during these times. On Chinese New Year, for instance, celebrities and dancers put free performances in public areas like Chinatown. Street vendors also offer free samples of their goodies in the hopes of revving their sales up. It is during these times that you get to see Singapore as a less busy state, while enjoying all the free food and performances happening around.


4.       Avail the Free Museum Days

Museums that are under the National Heritage Board offer free admission on public holidays, which is why it makes more sense to schedule your Singapore getaway around the festive periods. Most of these museums are also located in convenient areas, such as the National Museum of Singapore, which is located within the walking distance of the popular Dhoby Ghaut and Orchard Road shopping stretch.

5.       Choose a Hotel Wisely

Room standards in Singapore are quite decent, which is why even budget hotels or inns are clean and safe. Opt for hotels located in Chinatown, Little India, and Tanjong Pagar as these locations are accessible, and there are a wide range of room types and prices to choose from. If you don’t want to miss out on the fun Sentosa has to offer, schedule a day trip at the place after purchasing your meals at VivoCity.

A day in Singapore isn’t going to be as cheap as a day in its neighbouring countries, but it isn’t going to be exorbitant either. There are great discounts and bargains to be enjoyed in the place. Just remember, go where the locals go, and do what the locals do.


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