May 15

How to Deal with Internet Explorer’s Bug

Your internet experience will never be complete without a browser. What is a browser? Browsers are the most popular and widely used software. It finds and shows web pages. When you open a browser, you need to type the web address and then the browser will submit it to the server that provides content for that specific page. The browser will then process the codes that are essential in generating content. That’s how a browser works.

Speaking of browser, what browser do you use? Thankfully there are many browsers that you can consider. There’s the Firefox, AOL, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer (IE). These browsers are available in Singapore. It is easy to change your browser when you are not contented with the services. You only need to uninstall it and install a new one.


Many Singaporeans use IE as their web browser these days. IE has its own goods when you think about it. However, have you heard about the recent advisory made by Infocomm Development Authority (IDA)? IDA advised users of the recently-discovered bug in IE. IDA posted in its Facebook account that users can choose to use different browser until a solution is available. Users should not worry because there are other options that they can consider when they use IE.

IDA recommends the following alternatives to IE’s users:


  • Install EMET 4.1: If you really want to pursue using IE, you have to install Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) 4.1. EMET 4.1 is a great help in mitigating the exploitation caused by the IE bug. You can download EMET in Microsoft’s download centre.
  • Security zone settings: Another alternative is setting your IE’s security zone settings. The internet and the local intranet’s zone settings should be set to high. Setting this will mean blocking the ActiveZ Controls as well as Active Scripting. You should not ignore this because it can make a difference at the end of the day.
  • Refer to Security Advisory: When all else fails, you have to refer to the Security Advisory found in Microsoft page. The page will give ideas on how to deal with security vulnerabilities. You will see many advisories this 2014. Just choose which issue you want to look further. You can also visit the SingCERT for more information.

This should be enough. The good news is that IDA continues to monitor the status of the bug. For government agencies, IDA reminds that they adopt security practices to protect their websites. Furthermore, government agencies should also fix their vulnerabilities as well as patching software.


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