May 14

How to Deal with Cuts and Wounds

We may suffer from accidents no matter how hard we try to be safe. We can’t tell when it will strike, so we should be ready whenever it does. This is why we need to know about first aid treatment. Learning first aid treatment is a valuable skill. So when we are given the chance, it is important to listen carefully because it will be useful one day. A life may depend on it in the future. If something unexpected happens, it is important to be calm and think clearly. We can do the following things:

Process the situation. Determine how serious the situation is. If it is life-threatening, immediately call an emergency hotline and ask for help. While waiting for the ambulance, keep the afflicted person as comfortable as possible. For simple situations, such as a cut or wound, we should be able to deal with it ourselves. If on the other hand the cut or wound is caused by an animal bite or a sharp object, it is important to bring that person to the hospital after it is cleaned.

Look for the first aid kit. Assuming that it is only a simple cut or wound, the first thing that we should find is the medicine cabinet or the first aid kit. In there should be items like dressings (adhesive bandage strips, elastic bandage, hypoallergenic adhesive tape, etc.), medical equipment (cotton swabs, thermometer, etc.) and medication (antiseptic solution, anaesthetic ointment, etc.).

Get to work. We should stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the affected area. It is very crucial to clean the cut or the wound. Begin by washing the affected area with warm water and soap. If antibiotic ointment is present, apply it to avoid any infection and lastly, cover the cut or wound with sterile bandage.

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