Jul 25

Hello Kitty Frenzy

McDonald’s Singapore hit the jackpot when they launched the six limited edition Hello Kitty characters. Hello Kitty is dressed in six outfits portraying the popular Germany fairy tale-The Singing Bone. The last character was released last Thursday, June 27, 2013. The last release was anticipated by all Hello Kitty fans out there.


Hundreds had begun lining since Wednesday night outside McDonalds to get their last Hello Kitty (skeleton outfit) plush toy collection. All hell broke loose as soon as McDonalds opened. There are jumping and chaos when customers heard supplies run out. This incident called for the help of police to control the frenzied crowd.

Singaporeans who are not fortunate to get the last kitty are angered, annoyed and frustrated. Some vent their ill feelings in Facebook. For Singaporeans who are fortunate to get the last collection, they show off their completed collection while there are others who benefited from this frenzy. Online auction or bidding was noted.

Singaporeans are infatuated with Hello Kitty. Every collection released by McDonalds is drawing excitement and frustration. What is with Hello Kitty that many people are infatuated to it? Hello Kitty is a cartoon character developed by Sanrio. The character is originally designed for pre-adolescent females with many products ranging from clothes, dolls, accessories, school supplies and many more. Since then, Hello Kitty has become a global phenomenon. Now, there is the Hello Kitty Airbus, Hello Kitty MasterCards, Hello Kitty electric guitar and many more.

There are no clear answers why Singaporeans go crazy over Hello Kitty. In fact, avid fans of Hello Kitty designed their house based on the character. Others would spend a part a lot to buy limited edition collections. The happiness they feel when they see Hello Kitty must be the answer. As simple as that.

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