Aug 07

Grounds for You to Conduct a Possibility Study

If you want a new career

Before resigning to a current job, ask yourself first, if there is a possibility that this new career of yours will give you the same wages and benefits that your current job is giving you? Or ask yourself if you are willing to take the risk for a new experience and a new environment?  You also have to take into consideration the possible people that will be affected, especially if you have to provide for your family.


If you want to bring your relationship in the next level

Marrying someone is really something that you need to seriously think of. It is a life-long commitment that’s why you have to carefully deliberate every aspect of the person you want to marry. You have to think of the possibility that he will be a great provider? She will be an understanding wife? He will be loyal to husband? Is there even a possibility that your marriage will last long? Importantly, you have to consider the possible impact of marriage in your both lives.


If you want to further your studies

You have to check the possibility of being promoted if you further your studies? Or check if there is a possibility of being offered by another company for a new job with a higher pay? Even in the money that you will need to continue your studies, is there a possibility that your current income can meet the financial needs of studying again? Is there a possibility of finishing the course in time?



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