Nov 12

Educating Kids About Diversity

Here in Singapore, we boast of diversity. We experience diversity every day that sometimes we are confused even as an adult. How much confusion will our kids undergo? With this, it is crucial that we teach our kids to be understanding when it comes to diversity.


Diversity has offered our country with cultural lushness and vitality but it also caused severe problems like discrimination, prejudice and racism. Singapore is against these actions thereby the signing of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) last October 9, 2015.

Our kids are very young to understand about the convention but we can start educating them about diversity. As parents, here are simple ways that we can help our kids understand the differences among people and hopefully they will learn to be tolerant to such differences:


  • Interaction: We cannot preach about diversity if our kids do not see us with other people. We have to show our interaction with diversity through our business relations and friends. This action will speak louder than words.
  • Books and programs: We can also bring books and screen programs that talk about diversity.
  • Provide opportunities: We have to provide our kids with avenues or opportunities to interact with many people.
  • Answer child’s queries: When our children talks about diversity, we have to listen without judging. When they ask questions, we have to explain well the differences of people and instil respect no matter the differences.

Dealing with diversity can be challenging but if the society understands roles, the world will be a better, safer and less chaotic.


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