Aug 10

Dealing with Diversity in the Workplace

All of us our created differently, it is our protocol to appreciate each other for who we are and what we do. It is for a fact that our dissimilarity with one another is always present whatever and whenever we are, but it is absolutely more challenging if we have to work together.


Diversity in Age

In terms of age, usually older people gains more respect and admiration. For often they are already in the senior position that practices the superior authority. But this doesn’t mean that young employees have no say in terms of being good contributors to the company. Usually, they are the ones who provide greater innovations and endowment.  Maybe they often fabricate conflicts with each other because of generation gap but still if they work together and compromise, the success of a project is definitely assured.


Gender Range

There are a man dominated jobs and same with the woman. Usually, when a woman went into a man dominated job, she is treated differently and less competent. Sadly, gender inequality still exists in this century. In terms of managing people, some prefers a woman to be there manager for they are more considerate unlike a man who is stricter. Actually, there should not be an issue in your managers gender, it’s how he or she manages and interacts with his or her people.

Various Nationality

Universities are producing globally competitive graduates every year. It is not a surprise if you have someone in your office that comes from America, Nigeria and anywhere around the globe.  Conflicts in beliefs and way of life will not shock you. And the only thing that you can do is respect one another to have a harmonious relationship.



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