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   Sep 18

5 Types of Online Harassment You May Encounter

With the advent of technology and social networking, the forms of harassment we experience offline have plagued us online. Harassment comes in many forms, but the core purpose is clear and simple: to cause distress. Usually, it’s just hateful words, but sometimes it could be as serious as physical threats. So, how do these harassers […]

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   May 15

Tips to Avoid Bad Falls

Every second, there is an elder here in Singapore who is rushed to an emergency room because of a fall. Many elders fall and this leads to accidental death. Whilst it is true that the rate of fatal fall is high here in Singapore, we can prevent these accidents from happening. If we have an […]

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   May 11

The World’s Smartest Motorcycle Helmet

We spend hours every day on the road. We hope and pray that nothing will be amiss when we travel. When it comes to road safety, road users depend on safety precautions like seatbelt and helmet. Road safety is very important here in Singapore. Good thing many Singaporeans are disciplined enough to follow strict implementation […]

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