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   Jul 26

Understanding and Appreciating Your Partner Better

Okay, as a couple, you can’t help but experience ups and downs altogether. We all know the cycle, first of all it starts all magical and adventurous but later on little hiccups start to appear. These hiccups turn into bumps and later on turn into real heavy obstacles. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. Each […]

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   Nov 08

A Lesson in Life

There are times that you want to look back with the experiences that you have with your previous partner. But, you don’t need it anymore because it’s time to face another chapter in your life and believe what is for you. One of the determining factors to know who and what we really are is […]

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   Nov 05

A Break Up is Just a Wake Up Call

Most of the time, people cry for many reasons. It can be because they have financial problems or maybe they have been hurt by someone they really love. Furthermore, they cry because someone just passed away. Nevertheless, it should not be a problem because these problems do have solution. Yes, we all know that there’s […]

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