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   Jul 28

Permanent Hair Removal Techniques

Removing unwanted hair can be painful, expensive and time-consuming but a lot of people still do it for the sake of beauty. If you’re tired of hair growing back just a few days after shaving or waxing, know that there are methods that can remove your hair permanently (or at least reduce growth). Types of […]

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   Jul 15

Bust the Bogus Beauty

5 Tricks in Spotting Counterfeit Beauty Products While there are some relatively good finds and deals on some online sites, there’s no denying that counterfeit or fake goods are also prevalent in such sites. The same is also true with beauty products. With a vast and crowded digital market, you can no longer guarantee the […]

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   May 03

5 Beauty Treatments Every Woman Should Never Try to DIY

Achieving your desired beauty result by yourself can definitely give that on-top-of-the-world feeling. Still, there are some beauty routines that are better left to professionals – for the sake of both your looks and your safety. Here are beauty treatments that you should not try to DIY unless you have been professionally trained. 1.       Waxing […]

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