Nov 17

Boosting Employability of Students

When we graduate, the next step is to secure a job. Securing a job here in Singapore is easy for some but there are others who have difficulties looking for a job. Schools need to increase the employability of their students like in the case of National University of Singapore (NUS).


The school is allocating $30 million to help students and their graduates to advance their career skills as well as boost employability. The money will be poured on the life skills programme for its students. It does not end there because the money will also be used to set up an institute that will offer education courses such as applied statistics, languages and software engineering.

The plans will be set next year. In boosting the employability of students, there will be two thrusts which were revealed by Professor Tan. The thrusts include:


  1. Maximizing potentials: The first thrust involves maximizing the aspirations and potentials of students long-term and short-term.
  2. Deepening research: The second thrust involves expanding the data science and healthcare research of the university. NUS actually partnered with Ministry of Health and National University Health System for advance healthcare system.

NUS’ initiative is part of the SkillsFuture initiative which is a national movement. Other schools are encourage to take part in expanding the expertise and the skills of students. This will prepare students to take part in the world of working people.

We have something to look forward over the next years. A School of Continuing and Lifelong Education will provide a different learning curriculum which will odder certificate courses.


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