Jan 18

Advice for Busy Mums: Be Like the Dutch

Multiple researches have found that the Netherlands have the happiest children in the world, while further studies found that their mothers have pretty much the same disposition. What is it that makes the Dutch so happy? And can Singaporean moms emulate that to improve their homes?

A young mom and her daughter out for a run together

No Competition With the Neighbors

With 407 people per square-kilometer, the Netherlands has the highest population density in Europe. But unlike in most countries with packed communities, the culture in the country does not promote constantly comparing one’s self to one’s neighbors. The result is that Dutch people don’t harbor feelings of insecurity and families are generally pretty satisfied with their lots in life.

Letting People Be Themselves

Chinese parents typically push their children to be successful and have the lives they wish they had – not so Dutch parents. Far from this, in fact, Dutch children are allowed to express themselves and lead their own lives. The kids aren’t burdened by their parents’ expectations, and the parent’s don’t live in anxiety whether their kids will become successful in life.


Accomplished at Home and at Work

Lots of Singapore moms struggle to balance home life with their professional career. Dutch moms solve this problem by doing only part-time work. This way, they remain engaged with people and able to pursue their passions, yet still be there to prepare meals and help the kids with their schoolwork.

State-Sponsored Parenthood

A big part of what makes Dutch moms happy is the comfort afforded to them by their government. In Netherlands, education is practically free, medical expenses are largely covered by their compulsory health insurance, and parents are given a quarterly stipend by the state to help with the cost of raising children.


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