Nov 21

A Guide to Dealing with Social Anxiety

Ever heard of stage fright? Well, this type of fear is not only unique in speaking or performing in front of a big group of people. This fear can also manifest itself in small social interactions. These are simple examples of social anxiety.


Social anxiety, simply put is the fear of being judged negatively in social interactions. People with this type of anxiety wish to interact with fewer people and have a handful of friends. How do we handle social anxiety in our daily lives? Below are some tips that would help us deal with social anxiety.


The first you need to do to deal with the problem is to acknowledge the problem. Social anxiety is a natural problem that a lot of people are experiencing. It is but natural to feel concerned with people’s opinions of you. The first step is to not let their opinions and judgment get to you and consume you.


Stop overthinking

People with social anxiety tend to over-exaggerate the dangers in society. When you overthink things and situations, you will only feel more nervous and anxious. The best thing to do is to change your point of view of things. Instead of suffocating yourself with the feeling of dread, be more enthusiastic.

Breathe and focus

It may seem like an overused advice but deep breaths can really help you relax and make you feel better. Anxiety will continue to build up so it is highly necessary to take a step back, remain calm and breathe lest you want to be overwhelmed with all these intense emotions you are feeling.


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