Dec 03

A Guide to Creating Stunning Reflection Photography

You are tired of the usual photography. You think that there is more. The good news is that you can endeavour reflection photography. Reflection photography is common here in Singapore. This is not a new prose but many Singaporeans are drawn to it. The rewards can be stunning if you give it a chance.


You see many reflection pictures with stunning results but you haven’t really thought about embracing it. Reflection photography is an excellent avenue to expand your photography experience. The thing is, those dramatic shots are hard to capture. It looks easy but you have to know that it is more than capturing a still picture.

If you decide to pursue reflection photography, it would help you to consider the following guidelines:

  • Learn the basics: You have to remember that reflections come in different appearances and forms. Despite this, there a few essential techniques that can assist you in achieving better results. For example, in terms of depth of field, it is better to choose higher f-number (like f/11 or higher) – you can use this to level out the subjects of your shots. In terms of focus, you have to ascertain the distance between the reflection and the subject. Lastly, you have to think of the light’s angle and how it can touch the reflection.
  • Know water and landscapes: Everything you need to capture a breath-taking scene is around you. The trick is to maximize its potential. If you want to look for a perfect reflection photo, you have to start early in the morning or when the sun is setting – this will provide you with the best lighting. Never forget to bring your tripod and utilize filters. For filters, you can use a polarizing filter (so you can control the shine from the water) or graduated neutral density (so you can keep from overexposing the sky).


  • Look for shiny things: There is a huge number of reflection photography that only focuses on water. You have to know that there are plenty of surfaces that you can utilize like glass, mirrors, wood, tiles and metals. These surfaces do not absorb light so tread carefully when you will use lighting.
  • Enjoy the experimentation: Many people think that reflection photography is abstract. At the end of the day, the picture or the message that you want to evoke will depend on your shots. No matter what other people say, you have to enjoy it and experiment for as long as you can. There will come a time that you can produce stunning and remarkable reflection photos.
  • For sure you can create dramatic and stunning reflection photography. Just give it time and all your efforts will manifest. Reflection photography is meant to be shared so when you capture something remarkable, it is surely worth sharing. Good luck on this endeavour!


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