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A Guide to CHAS

The Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) is a programme under the MOH (Ministry of Health) that gives citizens subsidies in their dental and medical needs. The programme is specifically designed for low and middle income families. Since its introduction in 2012, the number of participating GP (General Patronage) clinics grew to 600. As for the dental clinics, it grew to 370. CHAS Title

In fact, on January 19, 2014, the Deputy Prime Minister stated that almost half of the GP and dental clinics participated in this programme. This is good news for low and middle income families. To date, there are over 520000 Singaporeans who joined the programme. The government is looking for more ways to improve CHAS. If you want to know things about CHAS, you can use this guide:


The citizens can receive orange or blue Health Assist card. The CHAS is a big help for households or families. You should know the benefits of joining CHAS. The benefits include receiving of subsidies when they go to participating dental and medical care clinics. Another benefit is the accessibility of the clinics. There are also no fees (application, monthly or annual) for the cardholders. If you are referred to SOCs (Specialist Outpatient Clinics), you can get subsidies.


If you are asking of the eligibility, you should know that there are certain criteria that must be met. CHAS will be given to households with monthly income of S$1,800/person. Aside from that, the AV (Annual Value) of the residence should be S$21,000 without income. The AV will be reflected on the NRIC. For those that belong to PA (Public Assistance) scheme, there is no need to apply since they are automatically qualified for CHAS.


Under CHAS, there are certain illnesses or diseases covered. It is beneficial if you know what are the illnesses or diseases. Common illnesses like fever, cold, cough, flu and many more are covered. Apart from that, chronic conditions under the CDMP (Chronic Disease Management Programme) are also covered. Chronic conditions include HBP (High Blood Pressure), diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, stroke, dementia, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and many more.


If you are thinking about the amount you will receive, you should know that there are 2 tiers and the amount will depend on the tier you belong. The Blue tier (for households with monthly income of S$1,100/person or AV of S$13,000) can subsidize S$18.50/visit for common illnesses and S$80/visit for chronic conditions. The Orange tier (for households with monthly income of below S$1800/person or AV of below S$21,000) can subsidize S$50/visit for chronic conditions. Orange tier is not applicable on common illnesses.

If you want to apply, you only need to get application forms at CCs (Community Centres & Clubs), Public Hospitals and Polyclinics. You can also get application forms at CDCs (Community Development Councils). If you have other inquiries, you can go to the website of CHAS.


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