Jun 11

7 Bad Habits of Online Marketing Coaches

Marketing coaches are your aid in business prosperity.  Internet marketing coaching provides its clients particularly businessmen tips and techniques on how to maintain and how to be a successful business owner. A lot of people who are into business hire business coaches for them to earn more.

Modern business concept

They say that when you know a lot about your business, it will be easier for you to handle problems in your business. Well, business coaches do that. However, there are only few coaches or mentors that will teach you well and guides you well. Some of business coaches have the tendency to leave you after you paid for them. This will eventually lead to drop of business.

In order for you to know the right program that will aid you in your business journey, try some marketing program here in Singapore. So, if you have doubts on this, you can examine it first and have a background check on them. In hiring or  having a business mentor you need to find someone who has done exactly what you would want to do or perhaps an experienced marketer.


Now, if you are paying someone to coach you, remember these bad characteristics of a business tutor:

  1. He steals your idea
  2. He is not seeing you face-to-face
  3. He is not focused on what he is doing
  4. He has no tutoring or business experience
  5. He always chooses himself and leaving his promise on the road
  6. He easily losses interest to your business especially when negative results come
  7. He does not listen to your thoughts and ideas when he thinks that he’s more right than you



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