Jun 04

6 Secrets to Improving Your Memory

If you feel that you’re experiencing memory gaps way too early, it’s probably because you’re overworking your brain. When you start noticing that you’re being forgetful, it’s time to hit the brakes and look into these seven techniques on how you can help your brain work at its best cognitive performance.


1. Eat Well. A good-working body and mind is attributed to healthy lifestyle and diet. Once you adjust your diet to accommodate the kinds of food that contain antioxidants, your brain gets a fair share of dietary goodness, improving your memory and overall health.

2. Get Moving. Physical activities don’t only do benefit your waistline, but also your brain. Exercise gets increases your heart rate and blood flow, meaning your brain gets enough amount of oxygen to function properly. Overtime, regular exercise help keeps you from being overweight and health complication that can trigger Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Drink Moderately. A glass of red wine may help boost your brain power due to adequate amount of flavanoids, but an entire bottle can mess up your memory and shut your brain down. Try asking your friends who you know have woken up to an awful hangover.


4. Play Mind Stimulating Games. Start honing your Sudoku skills or your crossword ability as experts confirmed that solving puzzles is a good way to keep your brain active. As regular physical exercise keeps the body well-toned, mental exercises also keep the brain healthy.

5. Write Things Down. One of the simplest ways to improve your memory is to write down significant information. The act of writing things down on a piece of paper cements the data that’s in your head for easier retrieval. Just make sure to write in complete sentence—say, “Pick up Sam at school, 2pm” instead of “Sam 2pm”—to fully remember the things you need to do.

6. Meditate. Meditating isn’t only meant to clear your thoughts; it’s also a good way to improve your focus. According to studies, setting aside at least 10 minutes of your day to relax your body and mind can greatly increase mindfulness, which leads to sharper memory.

Our modern lifestyle plays a significant part to cognitive decline. Exerting more effort by doing all or any of these practices as early as now will greatly help in improving our memory and keeping our brain healthy.


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