Jun 19

5 Ways to Improve Air Quality At Home

You and your family can breathe easier and be healthier if you improve your home’s air quality. Reducing allergens, such as moulds, dust mites, fungus, spores, and animal dander is among the sure-fire ways to have cleaner air. Along with that, several more ways can be done to improve the quality of air you have at one.


1. Check Your Wall Paint: Over time, inhaling flakes and dust from lead-based paint can cause brain damage. If you suspect your wall paints at home contain lead, have it checked. If it does contain lead, don’t remove it yourself; hire a professional.

2. Choose Furniture Made with Metal or Hardwood: Shelving, panelling, furnishings, and construction materials made with pressed-wood products (e.g. particle board and plywood) are assembled with urea-formaldehyde adhesives, which is said to be human carcinogens. This chemical can exacerbate allergic reactions and can irritate respiratory tract infection. For a much cleaner air, go for hardwood- or metal-made furnishings.


3. Opt for Less harmful Household Products: To avoid access to harmful chemicals, look for detergent-based products on which the words “caution,” “flammable,” or “danger” does not appear. While these products are usually kept in hard-to-reach areas, they can release aerial substance and contaminate the air at your home.

4. Clean Air Conditioners: Both window type and central air conditioning model can accumulate moulds over time, especially when a unit is not in use. To keep the air produced from your air conditioning unit clean, change the aircon’s filters and empty the water trays regularly.

5. Keep the Fireplace or Woodstove Guarded: In addition to producing irritating combustion, unguarded fireplaces and woodstoves can fill the air with dangerous ash particles if you burn anything other than hardwood. Likewise, damp firewood can release mould spores. In order to limit the pollution, use the fireplace and woodstove only when highly needed and cover them up when not in use.

Improving air quality doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be done cheaply by simply being conscious f your home’s cleanliness. Skip the expensive air purifiers and consider these tips instead for a healthier and cleaner air for your family.


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