Jun 24

5 Telltale Signs Your Officemate is Crushing on You

You have a huge crush on the cutie a couple of cubicles away from yours. He seems extra-friendly at times, but you’re unsure whether it’s because he also likes you or he’s just being nice to you. So how do you really know if you have a good fighting chance for an office romance? Here are the signs to watch for to know if that coincidental bump to three different places is more than just coincidental.


1.       Everyone in the office is talking about it.

If the rumour has your name, then there’s a possibility that your crush is secretly crushing on you, too. However, be careful of the stories to believe in. Gossips are half-truths, and as such take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

2.       You accidentally bump into each other a bit too often.

Getting a cup of coffee the same time you do and bumping into each other at the photocopying machine and cafeteria can be a coincident. However, if all happened in the same day, maybe it’s time to reconsider if they are just simple coincidences. It’s probably he’s doing it on purpose because he’s trying to find ways to see you.

3.       He looks at you when he thinks you don’t notice.


If you regularly catch him peeking at you and looks away immediately when you notice, then it’s likely because you are the apple of his eyes. Even if you’re just busy signing papers or shaking your head to the tune you’re playing in your headphones, he finds you adorable and just can’t get you out of his sight.

4.       He’s extra nice to you.

He offers to carry your laptop to the conference room, grabs you an extra slice of pie when he goes to the cafeteria, and offers to stay with you late at night during overtimes. All of these are obvious signs that he’s really into you—more than just a crush.

5.       He emails or texts you even after work.

A simple text, email, or chat on Facebook asking if you already got home speaks so much of the care he has for you. Congratulations, girl! You now have a virtual guardian who care so much for your best and safety even after office hours.

Have you noticed these signs to that cutie you’re eyeing in the office? Give him a mark out of five and see how possible it is that your crush could also be crushing on you. If you he scores fewer than three, try to spend more time with him—talk to him more at work or go out for a few drinks with your colleagues after work. Spending more time together increases the chances for you two to get to know each other more.


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