Apr 04

5 Signs It’s Time to Visit Your Dermatologist

While it’s possible to deal with certain skin problems using some over-the-counter beauty products, there are still certain issues that require expert attention. For that reason, we listed down six fool-proof signs that it’s time you pay your trusted dermatologist in your area in Singapore a visit.


1.       Skin Becomes Drier Than Usual

Weather changes, showering with scalding hot water, and using moisture-robbing soaps might be some of the reasons why you’re experiencing dry skin. Applying lotions and moisturizers often help with the problem, but if you’re still left with dry, flaky skin even after moisturizing, then do consult a skin expert, stat.

2.       Noticeable Changes in Your Moles

Moles that are irritated, bleeding and changing in colour, shape, size and texture could mean something serious. If you happen to notice these changes in your moles, consider having them checked right away instead of dealing with the problem yourself.

3.       Presence of Cystic Acne

Cystic acnes are large, painful breakouts that appear deep in your skin. While it’s possible to get rid of this zit problem on your own, doing so will likely cause skin scarring or infection. For that reason, consider getting the help of a professional dermatologist when dealing with this skin problem.


4.       Appearance of Milia

Milia are hard, white, keratin-filled cysts that form under the skin. Although it can occur in people of all ages, they commonly appear in new-borns. Milia is typically found on the face, cheeks and eyelids. Its appearance is often caused by dead skin cells, high cholesterol, or application of heavy and thick facial creams. Similar with cystic acne, only dermatologists are capable of extracting them without risking skin infection or inflammation.

5.       You Have Acne Scars and Marks

Acne marks refers to the brown or red spots that fade away after three to six months, while acne scars are those tiny indents on your face left behind by zits. While they may be different, they can both ruin your skin’s texture and appearance. So do consult with your dermatologist to find the best medical treatment for these skin issues.

Although it’s crucial that you know how some tricks to properly care for your skin, it’s also important that you give time for skin experts to check on your skin’s health. So be sure to keep these signs in mind, so you’ll know exactly when you should pay your dermatologist a visit.


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