Apr 14

5 Lawn Caring Tips This Summer

Whether it’s having barbecue with friends, family get-togethers, or just a random rumble on the grass with your kids, the lawn is definitely the best place to enjoy some good food and good company during summer time. So, start jotting down these tips to prepare and keep your lawn in its top shape even in the hottest time of the year.


1.       Raise Your Mowing Height Up a Notch

Taking your mowing height a little higher can actually do wonders for your lawn during summer time. In this time, avoid cutting more than one-third of the height of your lawn in just a single mowing. Using a longer leaf blade will make your yard appear greener, while giving the roots a chance to grow deeper. The ideal length to get a healthy lawn is between three to four centimetres.

2.       Mow During The Best Time of The Day

Lawn mowing should never be done when the grass is still wet, as it allows various diseases to get a stronger foothold. The best time to perform your mowing job is late in the afternoon, or early evening, to avoid putting much stress on your lawn.

3.       Water Your Lawn on The Best Time of The Day

The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning, or any time before 10 am, since the air is cooler during this time. Watering in the middle of the day will only cause the water to evaporate quickly, while doing it in the evening will cause the water to cling to the grass overnight, leading to a diseases like fungus. Also, ensure that your lawn gets a long and deep watering to encourage deep and strong root growths.


4.       Do a Soil Test

Performing a soil test is a good way to know the amount of nutrients your lawn needs. It is also the only way used to determine whether or not liming should be done, and how much liming is needed. Garden and lawn care experts use this test to diagnose any lawn, garden, and landscape problems.

5.       Perform Some Aeration

Doing an aeration is beneficial for your lawn since it stimulates new root growth, reduces soil compactions, controls thatch, and improves air, water and nutrient infiltration. Top dressing your lawn with some compost after aerating is also a good way to keep your soil healthy.

Summer is definitely the best season to go outdoors and enjoy your backyard. So, ensure to keep your lawn in its best shape possible by following the aforementioned tips.


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