Apr 29

5 Easy Ways to Treat Smelly Feet

Nobody said that our feet should smell like Chanel No. 5. In fact, even the well-groomed tootsies will definitely reek after being stuffed in leather boots all day long. However, if you catch a stench coming from feet every time you unlace your kicks, then that might be something serious. What you’re smelling might be the presence of an overgrowth of fungus, or bacteria on your feet. So, get on your feet, figure out what could be causing it and take some action.


1.       Avoid Going Sock-less. Our feet have more sweat glands compared to any other part of our body, which is why going sock-less is a big no-no. Socks help by soaking the sweat and preventing your feet from turning into a germ colony, especially when you’re wearing closed-toe shoes. Opt for socks made of synthetic fabric, or are cotton and wool-blend to help you with your stinky problem. Also, don’t forget to change your socks at least once a day, and more so if you’re a regular gym-goer.

2.       Try Out The Tea Treatment. When the stinky smell of your feet is really raging, then it might be time to try out the black tea home remedy. Soak your tootsies in a bath of black tea for more than 20 minutes every day to kill any microbes on your feet and close its pores to keep it drier. Experts suggest using two tea bags per water pint, then allow the tea to cool first before starting your tea and feet party.

3.       Spritz on Some Antifungal Spray. Another great way to tame your smelly feet is to spray on some antifungal foot spray. If you’re not that into aerosols, you can opt for an antifungal powder instead. Spraying or powdering the insides of your shoes is also a good idea to totally fight off the bacteria.


4.       Alternately Wear Your Shoes. This is the same principle as not wearing the same pair of jeans for two days in a row. Wearing one pair of shoes every day will prevent the sweat on your shoes from fully drying, which will later contribute to the foul odour. Alternately wear your kicks and slip-ons every other day, and if you’re a gym-goer, do invest on two pairs of athletic shoes.

5.       Free Them Up When Possible. Slipping off your shoes at work, or while driving can help prevent your feet from smelling later on. These break times will allow the oxygen to circulate around your feet and fight the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Aside from being totally gross, having a stinky feet is also unhygienic. So, always keep these tips in mind to keep both your feet and favourite slip-ons fresh all the time.


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