May 03

5 Beauty Treatments Every Woman Should Never Try to DIY

Achieving your desired beauty result by yourself can definitely give that on-top-of-the-world feeling. Still, there are some beauty routines that are better left to professionals – for the sake of both your looks and your safety. Here are beauty treatments that you should not try to DIY unless you have been professionally trained.


1.       Waxing

Although waxing is the best way to remove unwanted body hair, it can also be damaging when not done right. It can burn and remove the top layer of your skin, resulting to an increased chance of experiencing skin irritation. Keep in mind that waxing follows an exact procedure, and if you don’t have a clear idea of what you’re supposed to do, then you’ll probably just cause some serious harm on your skin.

2.       Extractions

DIY-ing an extraction will not only cause scarring, but also put you at risk of infection and inflammation. So ask your dermatologist to help you deal with whiteheads or even just your average pimple problem. The same thing goes for your cystic acne, blackheads, and zits. Consult an expert to help you treat these skin problems in order to prevent any permanent damage.

3.       Balayage

Sometimes called the cousin of ombré, balayage aims to make your hair look both natural and intense at the same time. Unfortunately, coming up with the right balance in colour and contrast is just impossible to achieve at home. If you really want dying your hair at home, experts suggest to just have an overall hair dye.


4.       Lash Dyeing

Thanks to the new beauty routine of tinting eyelashes, it’s already possible to have dark and lush lashes without the need to wear mascara. However, just like any other beauty routines, doing it at home can be dangerous. Applying dye to the lashes without the necessary training could cause chemical spills on your eyes. Check in at a salon that has a personnel trained to dye lashes if you want to undergo this treatment.

5.       Skin Tag Removal

You need to consider a few things before you decide to remove a skin tag using a home remedy. The most important thing to understand about removing skin tags is that you can accidentally nick a blood vessel in the process, leading a lot of blood to ooze. To avoid such risks, skin experts recommend that you leave this procedure to professionals, as they’re more equipped with the tools needed to control bleeding.

Although performing an at-home beauty treatment can give as a great sense of satisfaction, it would still be better to have it done at the hands of professionals. With them, you’ll not only get good results, but you’re sure that each procedure is safely done as well.


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