May 21

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Camping

Most people go on camping trips to escape reality and spend some time with their family and friends. Some would go just to experience an amazing adventure. Whatever your reason is, do know that going on a camping trip is beneficial in a lot of ways. Aside from offering a great form of relaxation, camping also offers the following health benefits:


1. It Allows You to Completely Unplug

Ditching your gadgets during your camping trip have a significant impact on your well-being. Studies suggest that being too focused on technology could lead to poor sleep quality and increased feelings of anxiety. Other than that, excessive screen use often lead to neck pains or worse, neurological issues. So keep that from happening by turning off your phone while you’re in wilderness, and just enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.

2. It Promotes Better Sleep

The woods can actually do wonders when it comes to improving one’s quality of sleep. According to a study conducted by a group of researchers in Singapore, people who follow the sun’s schedule are more likely to go to bed and wake up at a reasonable time. It was also found that sleeping away from artificial light could reset a person’s circadian rhythm and make him or her less groggy.

3. It Improves the Mood

Spending time outdoors is crucial for your mental health, especially if you’re a city-dweller. In fact, just simply walking in nature for a few minutes could already reduce depressive symptoms, as well as rumination – a negative, obsessive thinking that could potentially lead to serious mental health issues.


4. It Increases Your Mineral and Vitamin Intake

When you’re outside, your body gets to absorb large quantities of sunlight, which means absorbing huge amounts of vitamins as well. Vitamin D helps your body in absorbing phosphorus and calcium, minerals that are essential for healthy teeth and bones. Just make sure that you apply a good amount of sunscreen though, since excessive exposure to the sun could be damaging to your skin.

5. It Encourages Exercise

One common benefit in engaging in an outdoor activity, such as camping, is it promotes exercise. Whether you’re biking, fishing, hiking or walking, these activities will certainly help you burn more calories than if you were to perform your workout routine. Even simply moving and setting up your camping equipment will already allow you to burn a good amount of calories. So exchange a few hours of hitting gym to wandering into the woods so you could burn some fats while admiring the beauty of your surroundings.


If you’re considering going on a camping trip, ensure that you commit to the experience by avoiding any form of distractions. That way you’ll be able to fully enjoy and immerse yourself to an activity that could help keep your healthy for the years to come.

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